Acquiring latitude/longitude from the map software

Go to the Customer view (or the Site view if it exists with your Service Location Mode. Select one or items, open the context menu, and select Lat Lon from Address. The map software will attempt to use the address to compute the latitude / longitude for each item. This is not a 100% solution. Problems may include...

If your Customer (or Site) has multiple Services, then the Service must be set up to inherit the latitude / longitude from the Customer (or Site), this is the default.

You can review your results by selecting any item that you computed the latitude / longitude for and viewing the location on a map. Select the item, click the edit button on the toolbar, and click Map Address.

Note: You may want to set up a default starting position and zoom for the map.

You will see a map with a gun site showing the location that was derrived from the address as follows...

The command indicated by #1 can be used to set the latitude / longitude. You click the indicated button, and then click the map at the proper Service location. You will need to click the command button again to select another latitude / longitude.