Acquiring latitude/longitude by running a Route

The goal is to collect a load at each Service such that the Service name and latitude / longitude is sent to the Loadman Fleet Manager. Then then the latitude / longitude will be assigned to the Services.

The detailed steps to be followed are...

  1. Create a Route. Then download the Route to a Truck by going to the Route view, selecting the Route, and running the download command.
  2. The Driver then runs the Route and prior to each load selects the Service on the Loadman meter (see the Loadman meter manual for details).
  3. Depending on the way in which you communicate with the meter, the loads may automatically appear in the LoadData view or you may have to go to the Truck view and request that the data be acquired.
  4. When the LoadData has been received, open the LoadData view, select the newly acquired load data, and then from the context menu select Set Service Lat/Lon from LoadData.