Microsoft SQL Server Express Installation and Setup

Note: The SQL Server will improve your Loadman Fleet Manager's performance if any of the following apply to you. Otherwise it is not required nor advised to perform this upgrade.

Note: The files to be downloaded downloads are approximately 100 megabytes and will require approximately 600 megabytes of disk space when installed.

Note: The database server can be on a computer that will run the Loadman Fleet Manager or a separate database computer.

Note: This installation must be performed by a user with Administrator authorization.

Note: Please check the SQL Server Express 2008 minimum requirements or the SQL Server Express 2012 minimum requirements to verify that you are ready to install the database server.

To install and set up SQL Server Express go to and select Loadman Fleet Manager Released Software. You will be provided the login and password.

You can choose to either install SQL Server manually by downloading and installing the components separately and going through the installation wizard, or you can install SQL Server automatically by downloading and installing the single-file option. If you want to do a manual installation, skip to the Manual Installation section below.

The single-file option installs asks a couple of questions and then installs SQL Server without you having to go through the installation wizard. The questions asked by the single-file installer is whether to install SQL Server with Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

Windows Authentication requires that the Windows account name of everyone that runs Load Manager either on the master or the satellites be configured as authenticated users on the SQL database. For instance, if you have two operators named Fred and Sally that individually log on to the same computer to run Load Manager, the Windows account names for both would have to be configured in the database as authenticated users. If another operator is added later, that operatorís Windows account name would need to be configured in the database. The same thing would be required for everyone logging in to Windows to run Load Manager on any computer. SQL Server would use the Windows account names to verify with the domain controller that those named persons were allowed to connect to the database. If you want to use Windows Authentication, check the Just install SQL Server and don't create a user account button in the dialog shown below.


SQL Authentication can be easier. The Loadman installer wrapper that installs SQL Server and clients can create a SQL login and store that information on a computer and Load Manager can use that stored SQL login to connect to the database. That means that any operator logged into a computer configured that way would be able to run Load Manager without having to specifically add them to the authenticated users list. If you want to use SQL Server Authentication, check the Install SQL Server and create a user account button in the dialog shown above. Then, enter a user name and password into the dialog shown below. The password must contain at least 3 of the 4 types of characters: upper case, lower case, numbers, and punctuation. Record the user name and password because you will enter them when you install the SQL Client software on satellite computers.


SQL Server will be installed and automatically configured for you.

SQL Server Manual Installation

Download or click the link to the appropriate version of the SQL Server and the SQL Server Management Studio for your system (there are further instructions on the download page to help you select the right version). Then follow the instructions for SQL Server 2008 or 2012 below as appropriate.

  • SQL Server Express 2008 Install
  • SQL Server Express 2012 Install
    Configuring the SQL Server Your computer now has the Microsoft SQL Server Express installed and configured. If you intend to access your SQL Server from another computer please make sure that your firewall, router, etc are configured to allow remote access. Hint, the default port used by the SQL Server is 1433.