1. Start the LOADMAN Fleet Manager SOFTWARE Program.
  2. If necessary, make sure the RS232 Port of your PC is not being used by any other Program.
  3. If a connection is not already preset up, then go to Tools and Connections and Program a connection at 2400 baud, 1 stop bit, no Parity to the RS232 Port on your PC that you will be using to connect to the LOADMAN Meter.
  4. connect the com Port by selecting "Tools", "Advanced Functions" then "Connect Com Port,". When the dialog box comes up select the "Direct Connection" option FOR the connect type and with the drop down combo box select the correct RS232 Port which will operate at 2400 baud.
  5. connect a standard RS232 Cable between the PC and the RS232 Port on the back of the LOADMAN Meter.
  6. While holding the Right Two select Keys down with your Right thumb, turn the power on the Meter. If you did this correctly the Meter will say SMARTMAN then Program VERSION x.x, then ANALOG #1 xxxxxx.
  7. If the connection is correct you will see a line of characters print out on the Fleet Manager Terminal Window which identifies itself as "SMARTMAN ANALYZER" , Program VERISON x.x.
  8. If you hit the ENTER key you should get OPPS CMD ERROR. If this is the case then proceed to the next step.
  9. to update the APPLICATION Program, click on the DOWNLOAD button in the Terminal Window and When the dialog box comes up select the "Program Files (*.a03)" option in the Files of type dialog. Browse using the dialog box and find the APPLICATION SOFTWARE update file that has been emailed to you. Once selected you should see the file in the "File Name" box. at that point just click on the "Open" button and things should happed automatically from there. NOTE - Meter NEEDS a MINIMUM of 13VDC to REPROGRAM the UNIT. If necessary Start the TRUCK to INCREASE the BATTERY VOLTAGE GOING to the Meter.
  10. Once completed, you will see a dialog box that says the DOWNLOAD has been successful. Once you see that just hit the power button on the Meter then turn the power back on and you should see LOADMAN then the correct VERSION Number of the SOFTWARE just loaded. at this point you are done. Disconnect the computer from the Meter.