Installation and Setup

System Requirements
The following are the minimum requirements as enforced by the install software.

The following are suggested but not enforced by the install software. These minimums are sufficient for a single computer installation (no satellites), and using the default Jet4 database. If you want to use the SQL Server, more RAM is recommended (at least 1GB). If you are using the SQL Server with multiple satellites, then even more RAM is needed (2 GB). To achive optimal performance with SQL Server on the Master computer, use a dual core processor.

Full Install
If you do not already have the Loadman Fleet Manager installed, you will need to perform a complete install. There are also some other occasions where a full install may be required even if you already have the Loadman Fleet Manager installed. When required you will be told. The steps to perform are...

If you already have the Loadman Fleet Manager installed and it is not too old you may do an upgrade (smaller download, quicker, easier). If your Loadman Fleet Manager is too old, the upgrade will complain to you and quit. The steps to perform are...

To install or upgrade the Loadman Fleet Manager (LFM) or Install maps (from within the LFM) you need to be logged in as an administrator.

Any Windows login that will use the Loadman Fleet Manager, either as a Master or a Satellite, must have... The program and data folders are assigned by the operating system and can vary. To see where your program and data folders are start the LFM, select menu help, and then select Folders.

Database Upgrade
If you have upgraded with either a Full Install or Upgrade you have only changed the program. Your database still needs to be upgraded to the current version. This takes place automatically the first time that you run the Loadman Fleet Manager after an upgrade. You will be offered a chance to backup your database before the upgrade. This only takes a few seconds, please do it. Having a backup greatly improves the odds of getting things fixed in the unlikely event of a failed upgrade.

Multi-User Setup for Jet4 users
SQL setup is in separate tutorials.
Multi-user setup consists of the following steps...