Assigning Service Latitude/Longitude by Viewing Loads on a Map

The goal is to collect a load at each Service such that the latitude / longitude is sent to the Loadman Fleet Manager. Then the loads are viewed on a map to determine which Service they are and then the latitude / longitude of the load is assigned to the Service.

The detailed step to be followed are...

  1. Have the Driver run collect from the Services for which to desire to get the latitude / longitude.
  2. For each load, select it from the LoadData view and then select edit from the toolbar.
  3. From the LoadData edit dialog, select Map Address. You will then see a map that shows the location of the load with a gun site as seen in the map below.

  4. From the map, determine the name of the Service.
  5. Close the map and from the LoadData edit dialog, select the Service and then click OK.
  6. From the LoadData view open the context menu and select Set Service Lat/Lon from LoadData.