View Column Search

Search is used to find desired data by searching within a column of a data view.

To search for data in a view column, point the mouse to anywhere in the column and start to type the desired search pattern. When the pattern is complete, either press the enter key or select close.

Alternatively, search is available in the context menu for each view. Search patterns attempt to find an item starting with...

  Entering 'bob' will match 'Bobs Burgers'.

The * will match anything.
  'a*b' will match 'ab', 'a2b', and 'aXYZb'.

The ? will match any single character.
  'a?b' matches 'aXb' but not 'ab' or 'a12b'

The # matches any single digit.
  'a#b' matches 'a2b', but not aXb'.

A character range is '[a-m]'.
  'a[a-m]' matches 'abc' but not 'azc'.

A range preceeded by '!' match the inverse.
  'a[!a-m]' matches 'azc' but not 'abc'.

The above can be combined.
  'a[!0-9]#' matches 'ab3' but not 'a12' or 'abc'.

To search for a character that has special meaning '*?#[]!'
  enclose it in []. Thus '[*][[]' matches '*['.