Auto Route Generation Dialog
Menu Tools:Advanced Functions:Auto Route Generate
-or- Route view context menu

For an overview and examples of Route generation, see the Route generation tutorial.

This dialog allows you to specify the parameters used to control the automatic generation of Routes. You are allowed to select from none to all of Regions, Zones, Types, Frequencies, and/or Service Types to generate Routes for each combination of them. Selecting none will generate one Route with all of the Route Stops in it. Warning: selecting many or all items can generate a very large number of Routes.

One also has the option of generating each Route for each Truck in the system. This might be useful for a smaller operation where it is desired that each Truck be capable of servicing the entire Customer base.

Optionally one can enable or disable being warned about selected combinations that do not exist in the database and thus do not cause a Route to be created. An example of this would be if you generated for all combinations of Region and Zone, but there were some combinations of Region / Zone that did not exist.