Loadman Software for Android

  1. For instructions on how to set up your phone to install Loadman apps, click here.
  2. Scan the QR code with your Android device for the app you want to install. QR codes can be scanned with many different apps, we have had good luck with "Barcode Scanner" by ZXing or Google Goggles. The scan will indicate a file with an "APK" extension. Touch to select it for download.
  3. Open the notifications area on your device, it will show you the download progress and when it is finished.
  4. Touch the downloaded file to initiate the install and then basically agree with everything until the install is complete. When you get to the screen that says the app is installed and has both Open and Done buttons, tap Done. Then go to your list of applications and launch your new app from there.
  5. The following is a discussion of the permissions requested by these apps.
    • Network permissions:
      • Create Bluetooth connections: for apps that use Bluetooth.
      • Full internet access: for apps that install licenses from our web site.
    • System tools:
      • Bluetooth administration: to allow apps that use Bluetooth to turn it on if the app is started with Bluetooth off.
      • Prevent phone from sleeping: this is to keep the screen on for status apps (those that mostly just display data). Since there is little interaction, the screen would go off as you are watching. All apps that that keep the screen on are configurable to disable this feature.
  6. Note that when installing on a tablet, you may (depending on Android version) be told that the app was designed for a smaller screen and be asked if you want it expanded to fill the screen. The app allows you to resize the text so it is not necessary to take this option, but it is harmless if you do.
>> Or go to www.loadmansoftware.com/Android on your Android device's browser to download and install the app. Once the download is started, follow the steps on the Android device's screen or bring up the web page on your computer too.

Loadman Remote V1.03, a scoreboard viewer
This app will continuously display all of the weights being collected by the selected meter.

Watch this space for more Android apps ...